North West Counties 13-15



Discipline Fines and Fees

Discipline Fines and Fees Discipline Fines and Fees

Discipline Fines

1. Where applicable, fines shall be paid to the League Treasurer within 28 days, or at the next Monthly Meeting following receipt of this notification (cheques should be made payable to NWC 13s–15’s ARL). Fines not paid within the stipulated period will be doubled.

2. Where a player has been suspended for only a single game, the player’s Club shall be responsible for ensuring that the ban is imposed and shall notify the League of the details of the game missed (Player name, case number, date, opponents to ) . This match shall be the first after the date from which the suspension commences.

3. Failure to send the card or notify the League of the missed match shall result in further disciplinary sanctions being taken.

4. Where fines or bans are suspended, these sanctions will only be applied if the transgressor is found to be guilty of a further offence during the suspension period.

Any club found guilty of playing a player who is serving a ban will be fined £150, face a points deduction and the player shall be suspended for a further 6 matches.

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