North West Counties 13-15



Team Sheet Fines

Team Sheet Fines Team Sheet Fines

17.0 - Fines


All issued fines must be paid directly to the League Treasurer within 28 days from the date of issue. Any fine not paid within this time will be doubled. Failure to pay within a further 14 days will result in all fixtures for that team/club being forfeited until the fine is paid.

If you have sent your teamsheet within the 5 day deadline, please forward the original email to as proof.
If a fax as been sent please either provided a transaction receipt, or provide the fax number, day and a time it was sent if possible so I can try to find the fax.

Any queries relating to fines must be summitted with evidence within 7 days.


3rd March.

£20 Fine

Payment due 8th April 2013.

If the fine is still outstanding after 22nd April 2013 then the teams games will be conceded and the game will go ahead as a friendly.

Notification date. 12th March.

Sport England